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Keeping your kids safe in Minecraft

No doubt if you have kids of a certain age, then you are used to them spending a lot of time in Minecraft. One of the benefits of the game and its open approach to game-play is the ability to play with other people. But

Top 10 apps to help with your finances

There are lots of different apps out there today to help you manage your personal finance. Due to the nature of financial apps some tend to cater to one geographic area as opposed to being global. We take a look at some of the best

Help the Internet is stalking me

You spent today looking at buying tickets to a show, only to be a little startled that the website knew where you lived and offered you tickets in your town.  “How did it know?” you ask, fear not, let us explain the wizardry behind this

The parents guide to modding Minecraft

The kids have been watching their favourite YouTube stars again and their asking you to help them play some custom level or help them get some lucky blocks and you’re left wondering what the heck their talking about.  Fear not, we’re here to help and

Do “You Need A Budget”?

There are many money management software packages available, however “You Need A Budget” (or YNAB) has gained significant coverage lately with a loyal following. Not to mention a considerable level of testimonials who swear by it’s use and credit it for their journey out of

The power of the pomodoro

We all know the pain of trying to find quality focus time to complete those important tasks, all too often multi-tasking to little effect or multiple interruptions. Enter the pomodoro technique, the concept is a simple one but one that can be very effective if done right.

How to grow your Twitter followers organically

Recently we decided to test how easy it would be to gain targeted twitter followers for free, and fast. Here is how we genuinely added over 800 followers in a month, without spending any cash. These are easy to follow steps, but be warned it will take some effort.

Keeping your Twitter safe from hacks

From big brands to personal accounts it’s a common occurrence to see Twitter accounts being hacked. If you have been hacked then there are a couple of different ways to recover but what can you do to ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place?